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Game Thread: Not the Blazers!!!


Two words about the B(lazer)M(aniac)s: emotionally exhausting. There are only so many ways that you can tell someone you don't like their favorite color before simply having to put your head down on the keyboard.

This little Frank Rich item caught my eye in the NY Times this morning:

But like all zealots, Jindal is oblivious to how nonzealots see him. Pleading “principle,” he has actually turned down some $100 million in stimulus money for Louisiana. And, as he proudly explained on “Meet the Press” last weekend, he can’t wait to be judged on “the results” of his heroic frugality.

Little known fact: Bobby booed Darius Miles because he smoked weed, and not--I repeat: not--because of the salary cap situation. You are ignorant for even suggesting that.

Thankfully, we Wolves fans have our very own stimulus package to take us out of the Blazer recession: the Houston Rockets and their decidedly non-exhausting fan base.

The key to the game is simple: no rolling over. We Wolves fans all know the drill by now and we're tired of it. Competitive games are a must from here on out. The game against Portland was the first time since the injury where you really started to feel like it was a waste of your time watching the action. That's not good.

There are still goals that can be met this season. Here's hoping for an entertaining tilt against a tough team.

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