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Your Friendly Neighborhood Draft Order (3/16)

With the NCAA Men's Tournament upon us and much of the talk on Hoopus focusing on the draft that I'd keep the draft order updates going. If you're interested in checking out mock drafts out there, I think Draft Express is unparalleled. But some others worth peeking at include, MyNBADraft.comDC Pro Sports Report (good aggregation of mocks) and Inside Hoops. Let me know if I'm missing one that you check.

Here's how the Wolves shifted in the last week (for details on pick credits and debits, check out our draft info page):

  • Our own pick stayed at #6
  • Miami's picks dropped from #17 to #18 and #47 to #48
  • Utah's pick rose from #23 to #21 (remember, it's top 22 protected)
  • Boston's pick rose from #29 to #28
  • Philadelphia's pick dropped from #44 to #46
  • Our 2nd rounder (owed to Detroit) stayed at #36