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Reminder: Hoopus Night Approaching



In case you missed our earlier announcement, Friday, April 11th against the Phoenix Suns marks the first-ever Hoopus Night at the Target Center.

This is your chance to tear down the digital walls between your Hoopus brethren. We'll be occupying an luxury suite and hob-knobbing with the Hoopus elite (and, since we're a bunch of left-wing commies anyway, elite means you!).

To join in the fun, contact Britt Carlson at 612-673-8366 or

Tickets are $25 and we don't currently have plans to provide food and beverages (although there are concessions available, and the plan isn't yet final).

T-Miss asked earlier if this would be an appropriate event for teenagers, and the answer is yes! While us bloggers are all 30-somthing slobs living in our parents' basements, I think the rest of the Hoopus community is all over the place. So please feel free to invite your friends and families, as long as they want to talk about the Wolves' draft history, advanced basketball stats and the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

There's also been talk of getting together pre-game at a downtown saloon, so if you're interested in that sort of thing or have suggestions, make it known.

If you have any other questions for us, just leave it in the comments or shoot us an email at canishoopus[at]gmail[dot]com.