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GameThread: @ Houston

Z-Ro - I Hate U (via andrelo07)

Tonight's GameThread is dedicated to Hoopus and Houston's own MAYNHOLUP. He Tweets and writes about rap, especially Z-Ro. And, my favorite part, has ties to Dear Old Macalester.

But tonight's not all about MAYN, it's about the Wolves taking on the Houston Rockets for the last time this year (and hopefully our first win).

Tracy McGrady's shut down for the year, but Yao Ming, Ron Artest and every nerd's favorite, Shane Battier are all still in action. Yao's the scary one here, since the Wolves' interior D is nothing to write home about and he's averaged 22 points, 7 boards and 4.3 blocks against the Wolves this year.

Ron Ron (19 points on 58% shooting) and Aaron Brooks (18 and 22 point outings) have also had good nights against us, but if we can keep the game high pace when Yao's in the game, we'll give ourselves a shot at the W.

Carl Landry's out tonight recovering from being shot. Glad to hear he'll be OK.

I'll be down at Tracy's tonight with one eye on the game and one eye on my Special Lady Friend, so say hi to the bald guy (probably wearing a hat for warmth) with the beard if you're in the neighborhood.

Check out The Dream Shake for Rockets coverage. They had this to say about Kevin Love:

He's basically a less savvy Luis Scola.