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Open Thread


OK, I know last night's game was in Houston but I can't get enough of that picture.  Things are kind of busy today so I just have a few things before turning this over to a NCAA open thread:

  • Randy Foye is playing a nasty stretch of ball.  What exactly is his value to this squad if he can't play point (his stretches on the ball last night were horrific; he was unable to run a basic pick and roll), rebound, or create turnovers? 
  • Kevin Love is the best player on the team. There were significant portions of last night's game where he was the only player out there with a clue.
  • Mike Miller has grated on me beyond any level which I could have possibly imagined at the start of the year.  Last night he made one of the greatest mistake passes of all time; executing a 360 spin in traffic while losing control of the ball right to a teammate.  He spent the rest of the night pretending he was Magic Johnson:
  • Mike Miller threw about twenty no-look passes.  Even on easy dump-offs, he would look in the other direction and then flick it out to the perimeter.  If only Miller's stylish passing could translate to a stylish hairdo...
  • I will poop a brick if he is on this team past the 09/10 trade deadline.  He's still a productive player but I think he suffers from a Shaddy-esque delusional disorder. 

Well, that's about all I have to say about the game.  It was one of those contests you'd sooner forget about.  Tomorrow is one of the most important remaining games of the years for the Wolves.  They go up against the Thunder.  If they win, they show up against a co-developing peer.  If they lose, they help their draft status. 

Speaking of draft status, who is catching your eye in the tourney?  I'm watching the Tyreke Evans/Jrue Holiday juxtoposition right now.  I don't think Holiday comes out after the season he had.  I'm not sure he'd make the 1st round.  Evans probably makes it into the top 10.  What say you?