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Goodbye Sweet Telly



I heard through the RealGM grapevine that Telly Hughes is leaving Minnesota to do FSN work in Wisconsin. Waltzing on over to his Facebook page provides the proof:


Affiliation: Fox Sports Wisconsin Reporter

Location: Milwaukee, WI

Here's his new ID spot:

I wish Telly nothing but the best in his new gig, but I in all honesty, the most enjoyment I got out of his coverage was via his various missteps (in fact, Google him and take a look at the top hit, poor guy). In honor of Telly's time with the Wolves, I thought a brief retrospective would be in order:

via the aforementioned top search return:

"That's the best tasting shaving cream pie he's ever tasted" - referring to Howie Clark during his interview with Shecky Souhan.

"Peanut-free skybox night, so you can stop by the skybox and get free peanuts" - referring to what I believe is a thing the Twins are doing for people who are allergic to peanuts, meaning there will be no peanuts in the area, rather than handing out free peanuts.



And just because the best Twins interview right now is Carlos Gomez: