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For old time zombie's sake


How about that folks?!  Just when it seemed like things couldn't possibly get any worse for Our Beloved Puppies, they pull out a good ol' rendition of Winning Zombie Ball.  Mike Miller plays his best game of the year and Kevin Love more than holds his own against fellow rookie Brook Lopez. Last night's results sure as hell beat what happened the last time the Wolves played the Nets.

If Miller can show the ability to turn the aggressiveness we saw last night on and off when needed next season, and if the Big Piranha can continue his mid-range shot and finishing skills near the rim, let's engage in a little positive thinkning about this squad with Corey Brewer and Al Jefferson coming back (hopefully) at full strength.  Ready, set, go!!!

(positive thinking)

OK, a hearty thanks to everyone on the Wolves squad for giving us fans one more rendition of Winning Zombie Ball during this long, dreary campaign.  Let's get this season done with and have a solid off-season with a good draft and some promising player rehab. 

Until later.