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Let's mercy rule this thing

Last night was the first time this season where I have been completely unable to watch or listen to the game.  Down here in Mankato, a mile from Papa Glen's house, the local radio affiliate (KTOE) broadcast Dr. Laura while the KFAN affiliate had something called the Petros and Money Show, which may be the worst radio program ever to hit the airwaves.  Petros is a barely intelligible word-sluring oaf who does little more than yell and the other guy is--it's impossible to make it past Petros.  They also take quite a bit of joy in calling their program the "PMS show", which is doubly stupid because the S already stands for show.  Anywho...

As we've established time and time again, League Pass Broadband is a joke and you are lighting your money on fire if you purchase this in Mankato, Rochester, or St. Cloud.  Mankato doesn't carry Channel 45 and FSN is only available on a premium cable package.  Normally, I catch a game on a pirated game stream but this was not available last night and I spent my time doing housework rather than watch the game. 

Soooooooooooooo....if you caught last night's action, drop a line in the comments if you think there is anything worthwhile talking about.  In lieu of game talk, I suggest the lottery chase and OKC Thunder as discussion topics.  Last night the Thunder beat the Spurs and are now tied with the Wolves at 21 wins.  The Griz won earlier this week and are now a single game back of the Wolves with 7 to play for Minny and 9 for Memphis.  The Clips are 2 1/2 games back.  If the Wovles go winless the rest of the way, the Griz will have to go 3-6 down the stretch while the Clips go 4-4 to overtake the lowly puppies. 

Well that about does it for now. Head on over to Mavs Moneyball for a perspective from a fan whose favorite team still gives a damn.

Until later.