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Love's Interview with ESPN

(via TWolves Blog) Kevin Love made an appearance on ESPN (that's right, national coverage for the Wolves beyond a 25-second highlight reel featuring our opponents!) to talk about his glass cleaner commercial promoting him as a Rookie of the Year candidate.

I think the video's great, Love did a good job with the corny premise, the PR department did a good job putting it together. And, if you watch the FourLetter clip, Love stays classy by staying humble, mentioning a good number of his fellow ROY candidates, and giving credit to the people who put the video together. And I'm not usually a big fan of the team's promotions (see Bird, Early), so yahoo for them.

But there is a bit of controversy surrounding the campaign wherein Timberwolves Press publishing a very similar product parody a few months ago. Whether or not the team knew about the Timberwolves Press parody before doing there own, we'll never know.

But, kudos to Alec Schimke for putting together a clever, professional idea. I just hope he and the PR department can reach an amiable outcome.