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Wolves GM Search Heating Up

The mainstream outlets are all abuzz about candidates for the Timberwolves' GM position. I know that there are a few FanShots and FanPosts that you've all posted over the weekend, but I thought a quick rundown in one place might be useful.

Let's start with a list of the rumored candidates and Hoopus' take (of course) from the Executive Search series I've run (and will need to ramp up if I'm going to cover the remaining candidates in time):

  • Lance Blanks, Assistant General Manager, Cleveland Cavaliers
  • Chris Grant, Assistant General Manager, Cleveland Cavaliers
  • Larry Harris, Assistant Coach, Golden State Warriors
  • Sam Hinkie, Vice President of Basketball Operations, Houston Rockets
  • Fred Hoiberg, Assistant General Manager, Minnesota Timberwolves
  • David Kahn, Owner, Austin Toros (NBDL)
  • Dennis Lindsey, Assistant General Manager, San Antonio Spurs
  • David Morway, General Manager, Indiana Pacers
  • Jim Stack, General Manager, Minnesota Timberwolves

Not all of these guys are confirmed candidates, but the news clips below should help sort through that.

Mike Monroe at MySan confirms that the Wolves have asked the Spurs for permission to speak with Dennis Lindsey.

Jerry Zgoda at the Star Tribune ran a story about the entire hiring process/situation this morning with these bits that pretty much include the whole of the rumor mill's latest:

Taylor said Sunday afternoon that he has not extended a job offer yet and is completing final reference checks in a search he hopes to complete in the next week or two.


Fred Hoiberg or Jim Stack -- both appear long shots at this point


 the new boss won't be obligated to retain McHale



Cavaliers General Manager Danny Ferry told the Cleveland Plain Dealer his office hadn't formally given the Wolves permission to talk with Blanks, whom a source suggested is, along with Lindsey, a finalist for the job.

A week or two is a pretty tight timeline, but in order to adequately prepare for a draft in which the Wolves hold 5 picks, a new GM will need every moment he can get to assess the players, picks and payroll he's got and come up with a long-term plan that move into execution forthwith.

Given this tight timeframe and what appears to be an impending wholesale change of guard, I'd like to take this opportunity to offer Glen Taylor the services of Canis Hoopus. Although we're often critical of the team, and sometimes single out Mr. Taylor, it's all because we want a better basketball team to root for.

So, Mr. Taylor, if there's anything we (as in "the whole Hoopus community") can do to help, just shoot us an email (canishoopusATgmailDOTcom) and we'll be happy to lend a hand. That's what friends are for.