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Pay the Pick is a Go



Despite your level of happiness with the on-court product this year, you've got to hand it to the Wolves for keeping ticket prices so low.

In addition to the 3-point ticket strategy unveiled this past season, the Wolves confirmed yesterday's suspicions by announcing the return of Pay the Pick today, wherein fans can commit to buying the 29-game ticket package now in exchange for the possibility of paying $1 to $6 per seat.

I assure you that this is not an advertisement for the team, but for all the digs Hoopus takes on the team, I feel it's worth saying that I've had nothing but positive experiences with the Timberwolves' ticketing and sales crew. They were generous enough to give us suites to host Hoopus night and a signed ball to give away, and my own ticket rep Kyle is a pleasure to work with. And I've heard similar stories from many of you all.

Whether or not we can get back on the rails next year, at least going to the game with friends and family will be a bargain.