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GM Hiring Moving Along, One Step at a Time


It seems that while we all wait with baited breath (or anxious anticipation) the Timberwolves' GM hiring process is moving right along.

Hoopus sources (I know, it feels as weird to type as it does to read) are reporting that all of the GM candidates underwent psychological profile tests and the team is now waiting for results before making a decision; one which may happen as early as mid-week.

This doesn't alarm me in any way, as psych evals are a part of a lot of hiring processes. But it does tell us that Glen Taylor and Chris Wright are managing the hiring process professionally.

As reported from multiple outlets in the last week or so (who knows, maybe from the same source), Dennis Lindsey and David Kahn still appear to be the front-running candidates, with no recent mention of the internal candidates, Jim Stack and Fred Hoiberg.