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Hoopus NCAA Bracket Final Standings

Congratulations to Mizzou Golden Wolf for winning the First Annual Canis Hoopus NCAA Bracket Pool. The prize far outweighs any monetary winnings: One year of respect from those you've bested.

While my brackets are never very good, and therefore my opinion on the Tournament should generally be ignored, I was very surprised to see no one picked UConn to go all the way. Of course, we were all right in that respect, but by the time the Elite Eight rolled around, UConn looked like a pretty strong choice.


And just in case you can't get enough of fraternizing with your fellow Hoopus community members, don't forget that Hoopus Night is this Saturday, April 11, against the Phoenix Suns. We're giving away a ball autographed by the team, there'll be some beverages and plenty of talk about what's going wrong and how to set it right this summer.

To get on board, call or email Britt Carlson at 612-673-8366 or

We'll bug you about it until you come :)