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Sweet Manatee Love


That's the best way I can describe last night's game vs the Clippers.  If you're a marine biologist, I suppose there would be something else to write about, but for us lay people, it was something of a stomach turner.

I have a bad feeling that tonight's tilt against the Warriors will be less sweet love making than hardcore manatee action.  Oh, the humanatee!

BTW: After Deandre Jordan left the game with a strained Achilles, the Wolves were finally able to dominate a game with height.  The Clippers suited up something like -3 players and they were all much more smurf-like than the men in blue.  It was a blue moon last night in LA. To show you just how undersized the Clips were, Our Beloved Zombies outrebounded them by a total of 62-34.  It was 20-11 on the offensive glass.  Considering the Wolves had an eFG of .493 compared to the Clips' .413, it is pretty amazing that this game wasn't a 20-30 point blow out.

BTBTW: Don't forget about Hoopus Night this Saturday vs. the Suns.  Come sit in a suite with a bunch of basketball geeks. To get your tickets, call or email Britt Carlson at 612-673-8366 or

Until later.