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Draft Bits: 5/11/09

Of course the draft talk has only barely begun to heat up, and speculation at this point doesn't have a lot of value beyond media and fan chatter. But a couple items caught my eye this morning:

  • The Knicks are believed to have given Stephen Curry a promise that he won't fall past them at #8. ( That would mean taking him at #5 or trading down with Memphis or Golden State to beat New York to the punch if Minny wanted him. After hearing that his growth plates haven't closed, Curry's size concerns don't seem as big (har-har) to me.
  • The Wolves have reportedly inquired with LSU guard Marcus Thornton's agent whether he'd be interested in a workout, as have 22 other teams. (

UPDATE: And just like that, water on the Stephen Curry/Knicks fire.