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Lotto Open Thread: Zombie Bear Edition


Mr. Hoiberg couldn't bring home the number one spot with a teddy bear from a sick kid, so this time around we're going all-out zombie in hopes that our favorite ball team can, for once, land the passion bucket filled #1 pick in the NBA Draft.

Pray, hope, meditate, light something on fire, eat a bunch of chocolate, feast on the flesh of the whatever you feel is necessary to help the Wolves land the top spot. 

Remember, karma is on the wrong side of Our Beloved Puppies Zombies and whatever you do must be done with that basic fact in mind.  I myself will attempt to appease Lady Karma by preparing a tasty dish; perhaps some Spanish tapas or Oklahoma barbeque

Whatever you do, think happy thoughts and put as much stock into this event as you can muster.  We want the outcome to be as emotionally constructive/devastating as possible.  Remember the advice of the great Axl Rose: If it's not worth over-doing, it's not worth doing.  All in plus the baby.

Until later.