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Great Off Season Performances: The Deep Dark Woods

The Deep Dark Woods are a Canadian band who fall into the alt-music category of the record store but are more campfire, whiskey, and storytelling than ironic flannel shirts and intentionally messed-up hair.  These guys actually grew up in plaid and with hats that will do that sort of thing to their doos.

They are practitioners of distinctly northern folk, full of restrained emotion and economic arrangements.  It's hard drinking music for passive aggressive white people in big winter coats. 

This particular performance is a throwaway gospel tune recorded at SXSW. If you spring for a Deep Dark Woods album (and you should), I suggest Winter Hours.  If you are going to go the iTunes route, start with these three outstanding tracks: All the Money I Had Is Gone, Nancy, and the title track, which features some of the best harmonizing this side of the Fleet Foxes. 

The more playful version of this band is Portland's Blitzen Trapper, which I am sure we will give a spin with a Great Off Season Performance post of their own later on in the summer. 

Discussion topic for the day: Summer reading.  What will be you reading away from the intertronz?

Until later.