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Word of the Day: Kahned

We here at Hoopus have submitted a new word to the Urban Dictionary.  If it is accepted, this is what you will see:

Kahned (knd),


The act of being disappointed after anticipating something new and fantastic and instead ending up with some retread failure who is presented to you as being nothing other than the bee's knees. Named in honor of the Timberwolves selecting David Kahn as their new GM. 

Example #1: After I asked for a big wheel for my birthday but my parents kahned me out when they gave me a sweater.

Example #2: Man, I was totally promised that this new MP3 player was going to be the business but instead it's just some old-ass model from about 5 years ago that no one really wanted in the first place.  I was totally kahned.

Let's see your creativity at work.  The best sentence in the comments gets an invisible Canis Hoopus for GM game worn jersey.

UPDATE: Bill Simmons now has his very own Wolves GM campaign poster:


You can hear his pitch for the position on the BS Report by clicking here (a written version of his argument can be found on RandBall here.)  You can read about Kahn and D-League debts and lawsuits by clicking here.

UPDATE ii: You can join the Simmons for Wolves GM Facebook page by clicking here.

As a quick side note, it is impossible to state just how depressing of a choice Kahn is.  If you add in the fact that a promising up-and-coming GM from the best franchise in the NBA turned the team down because he wasn't on the same page as the owner, and we later find out that the owner's page has something to do with maintaining a large portion of the status quo on a team that has won 24 games in consecutive years while mismanaging its assets for the better part of a decade...well, let's go crazy.  Simmons it is.  The news about Kahn is like waking up in a cold sweat realizing that the whole thing about Obama was just a dream and that we really elected Jeb Bush.