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Canis Community Draft Board, pt. 6

Here's where we're at:

  1. Blake Griffin
  2. Ricky Rubio
  3. James Harden
  4. Stephen Curry
  5. Hasheem Thabeet
  6. Tyreke Evans
  7. Demar DeRozan
  8. ???

While you're figuring out who should be the #8 player on the Wolves' draft board, check out the dueling Greg Oden trade posts here and over at Blazer's Edge.

I would also like to remind everyone who reads the site to keep things clean in the comments section. If you are going to take a shot at someone, and if you are going to make it childish, at least have the creativity to make it interesting and somewhat light-hearted. "HA, HA, you suck" type quotes say more about the person doing the writing than the person being targeted for the suckiness. We would much rather the name-calling be left out all together, but if you can find a way to make a quirky reference or joke without getting personal, the chances of your comment getting axed or you being banished from the island for a week/month are greatly reduced.

Also, we're getting to the point in the draft board where I need some input on who should be added to the poll. I only have room for 6 spots and all of the players are starting to blend together in terms of attractiveness once we broke the Gerald Henderson barrier. Your input would be greatly appreciated.