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Great Off-Season Performances: Look Ma, Two Fingers!!!


Here is Merle Travis performing the one-and-only Cannonball Rag.  For those of you unfamiliar with Mr. Travis, he is one of the most important popular music guitarists of the 20th Century, popularizing the technique now known as Travis Picking (an alternating bass pattern with the melody played on the top 3 strings).  He, along with Elizabeth Cotten and Maybelle Carter, are the foundation of pretty much all things country/Americana guitar.   Pretty good for a guy who only plays with his thumb and pointer. 

The discussion topic for the day is this: Is LeBron a poor sport?  I personally think this little episode only serves to highlight the self-serving nature of modern professional media; creating "news" out of thin air in order to fill the need for constant 24/7 content.

What say you?