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Draft Blogging


The most entertaining sports night of the year is here.  Let the festivities begin.

  • 6:34- First big rumor: Harden with the 3rd pick.
  • 6:38- 2 potential Wolves coaches on the ESPN broadcast crew: Marc Jackson and JVG; Stuart Scott is not under consideration
  • 6:39- Blake Griffin goes with the 1st pick.  Do the Clips have purple in their unis?  Come on man, you're a millionaire who knows where he's going.  Coordinate with the team colors big fella. Clips now have as many power forwards as the Wolves.
  • 6:46- Memphis takes Hasheem Thabeet. Jim Peterson immediately tries to copyright the term Ivory Tower before Marc Gasol can get a hold of it.  The biggest pick of the draft is now on the clock.  Here we go.
  • 6:51- OKC takes James Harden!!! Come on SacTown, you know you want Evans!!  BTW: Nice bow-tie.
  • 6:56- Sacramento takes Tyreke Evans...HOLY S%$T!!!  RUUUUUUUBBBBIIIIOOOOOO!!!!!!  Double-whammy for SacTown: Rashad McCants listed as a "key reserve".
  • 7:04- Minnesota takes Ricky Rubio!!!! This is unbelievable.  This is completely amazing.  You can't trade the kid after he put the hat on....the shiny new black Wolves hat.  No more Foye/Roy, no more Allen/Steph, this kid is staying and holy crap, they got him....with 3 picks to go. 
  • 7:07- "I'm Ricky Rubio. I'm not like anyone else."
  • 7:08- David Kahn just traded Mike Miller and Randy Foye for Ricky Rubio. Will MSG go nuts if Wolves take Curry?
  • 7:10- Wow. Jonny Flynn and Ricky Rubio? Can you have both players on the team at the same time? Wow.  I don't know what to say about this one.  Is someone going to get traded?
  • 7:16- GSW becomes public enemy number one at MSG by picking Stephen Curry.  Kevin Love Tweets about Jonny Flynn here. Knicks up next.  Have the Wolves worked out a deal with the Knickerbockers? We shall see.
  • 7:22- Knicks take Jordan Hill.  Surely the Wolves won't trade for Hill. Remember that a trade cannot be announced until after the 2nd pick is made.
  • 7:27- Kevin Love on Jordan Hill: jordan hill???? what???? haha
  • 7:28- Did the Raptors just draft Demar DeRozan for the Wolves?
  • 7:30- From Zgoda: "Wolves' vision is to play Flynn/Rubio together like Pistons did Dumars/Isiah or Celts did DJ/Ainge. #timberwolves"
  • 7:33-Jennings to the Bucks. What does that mean for Ramon Sessions?
  • 7:38-Nets take Terrence Williams. I like him, but Pitino's kids never seem to pan out as much as they're expected to.
  • 7:45-The Charlotte Jordans select Gerald Henderson. Love that ACC.