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Draft Blogging, pt. ii


You can't trade the kid.  If anyone has a link to a picture with him in a Wolves hat, please place it in the comments.  

  • 7:52- Indy takes Psycho T
  • 7:56- Phoenix takes Earl Clark.  Rumors of an Amare to GSW deal abound.  Phoenix is in full-fledged rebuilding mode.  Did Phoenix just take Clark for Minny?
  • 8:03- Detroit takes Austin Daye. So much for any Clark/Daye dreams at 18 for the Wolves.  Quick thought on the Flynn/Rubio business.  The more I think about it, the more I can see the benefit in taking the top 2 players on your board if you're a bad team.  However, with guys like Lawson and Maynor still on the board, if a team wants a stout PG, they can get it for a lot less than what the Wolves are probably asking.  Perhaps the Wolves will tell Rubio to stay over another year.  Maybe there is something in his buyout that speaks to this.  Perhaps the amount goes down.  If that's the case, this is a fantastic pick and they can play Flynn for a year while Rubio stays in Europe and then they trade one of them in the loaded 2010 draft.  I'm not sold on Flynn as a player but that wasn't a bad pick. 
  • 8:08-Bulls take James Johnson from Wake. Apparently he's a martial arts champion.
  • 8:13-Holiday finally goes. The Sixers got great value with Jrue falling.
  • 8:20-At 18 the Wolves grab their third point guard with Ty Lawson. Crazy. Something's gotta give.
  • 8:21-And give it does: Lawson to Denver for Charlotte's future 1st rounder.
  • 8:26- Hawks grab Jeff Teague
  • 8:32- Jazz grab Eric Maynor.  Love freaks out over all the point guards: "what are we doing????????????????? omg we better trade....what are we doing??????????? i dont even know"
  • 8:34- First mention from Wolves that Rubio may not come over next season.
  • 8:34-Protection on Charlotte's pick from Denver is top 12 protected in 2010, top 10 protected in 2011, top 8 protected in 2012, top 3 protected in 2013, and unprotected in the 2014.

  • 8:40-Portland grabs Victor Claver with number 22., a Spaniard.
  • 8:42-With #23, Sacramento goes with Omri Casspi. Let's hear it for the Israelis.
  • 8:50-Mullens, only the 2nd center to be drafted falls to the Mavericks at 24.
  • 8:54-OKC takes Rodrique Beaubois and flips him back to Dallas for Mullens. No word on what other parts are involved.
  • 9:00-Can't believe Chicago passed on DeJuan Blair at 26, but they did and took Taj Gibson. Seems like a  reach for Gibson based on the mocks.
  • 9:04-The Grizz snatch up DeMarre Caroll. Let's hope the Wolves get Calathes and land 4 points guards.
  • 9:10-The Wolves use 28 on Wayne Ellington. Solid pick. A guard, but not a point guard. I'll take it.
  • Lakers take Toney Douglas and the Cavs take Christian Eyenga