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Draft Blogging the 2nd Round


Seriously, you can't trade him after that picture.  How on earth is DeJuan Blair still available? 

  • 9:32- Jeff Pendergraph is the 1st pick in the 2nd round and he is headed to Portland in a trade
  • 9:37- Jermaine Taylor is off to DC.  Not sure what they are doing there with all of the shooting guards but hey, who am I to complain when rooting for a team with 10 power forwards and 4 points.
  • 9:39- Griz and Knicks work out a trade with Darko going to New York.  New York is going to be sneaky good next year if Galinari is healthy. 
  • 9:40- Blazers take Dante Cunningham from 'Nova.
  • 9:45- Lakers trade rights to Toney Douglas to the Knicks for a future 2nd round pick.
  • 9:46- Sergio Llull to the Nuggs.  Denver made out like bandits tonight.  Denver is having the best draft of the night.  They may have picked up 2 better point guards than the Wolves. 
  • 9:47- Pistons get DeJuan Summers. This pick has Wolves connections.  The Pistons got the pick from the Wolves for Ronald Dupree.
  • 9:50- Griz take Sam Young.  David Kahn is doing a presser now.  You can watch it here. They're keeping the picks.  Few other interesting notes: Kahn said that OKC was on radio silence today.  I will post a link to the archived conference as soon as it becomes available.  "Destination not an issue" with Rubio.
  • 9:51- Spurs have DeJuan Blair fall into their laps. Amazing.  Sometimes winning requires luck.  If the Spurs can sign Sheed, they're going to make a serious run.
  • 9:54- Ty Lawson deal officially announced.  John Brockman goes to the Blazers. 
  • 10:00- Jonas Jerebko to the Pistons.  Chase Budinger still available.  So is Calathes, Thrornton, and Paul Harris. There are still good players on the board.  All three players were on our draft board.
  • 10:01- Washington sends Jermaine Taylor to the Rockets for cash.  Dork Elvis on the prowl. 
  • 10:02- Derrick Brown to the Cats. Chris Wallace on the tube explaining the Thabeet pick.  Demare Carroll and Sam Young to round things out.  "There's a buzz in town about the Griz," says Wallace.
  • 10:03- DX reports that the Wolves have traded Ellington to the Nuggs.
  • 10:10- Bucks take Jodie Meeks, Lakers take Patrick Beverly, Heat take Marcus Thronton, and Pistons take Chase Budinger.  Denver also trades rights to Sergio Llull to Houston.  Dork Elvis strikes again.  Llull is going to be a player.  Wolves on the clock.
  • 10:18- Wolves kill the 45th pick with Nick Calathes.  This is an amazing pick.  Unbelievable pick.  We have often referred to Calathes as the American Rubio.  The Wolves could start both guys.  The Wolves have now taken 4 point guards.  I'm still working on confirming the Ellington rumors.
  • 10:20- Cavs get Danny Green.  Excellent pick.  Wolves are back on the clock.  Are there any more point guards to take?  Nando de Colo?  I'm really rooting for Paul Harris here.
  • 10:28- Wolves take Henk Norel, Rubio's teammate from Spain.
  • 10:39- Suns continue their habit of taking lesser brothers (see Lopez, Robin) with their selection of Taylor Griffin.  Seth Curry will be a Sun in 3 years.
  • 10:35- Goran Suton to the Jazz.
  • 10:36- Jack McClinton to the Spurs.  Hello corner threes!!!
  • 10:40- Indy takes A.J. Price
  • 10:42- Spurs get Nando de Colo.  They are cleaning up in the 2nd round.  Blair, McClinton, and De Colo.  All of these guys were on our draft board.  All of them are solid players. 
  • 10:44- RealGM says that Yahoo is reporting that the Wolves traded Calathes to the Mavs.
  • 10:45- Robert Vaden to the Cats.
  • 10:46- Patrick Mills off the board. 
  • 10:47- Dork Elvis strikes again.  Gets Chase Budinger from the Pistons for future 1sts.
  • 10:48- David Kahn (former point guard Jewish Community Center) talks to Stu about the picks.  Rubio is "transformational", Flynn is "special".  Both guys can be on the court at the same time.  Jonny is a "scoring point" and Rubio is an "orchestra leader", an "unbelievable conductor".  Kahn makes a joke about Dick Vitale being a prominent former NBA coach on the panel...instead of JVG.  Kahn thinks this will make the coaching search go a bit better.
  • 10:50- From Yahoo Sports: "Minnesota is expected to trade the rights of Florida's Pat Calathes to Dallas for future considerations, a league executive said."
  • 10:51- It sounds like Ellington will stay in Minny.  More to come as it becomes available.
  • 10:52- Dallas takes Ahmad Nivins and the Suns take Emir Preldzic.
  • 10:59- Lester Hudson to the Celts.
  • 11:00- The Lakers have traded the draft rights to Patrick Beverley to the Heat for a future pick and cash.
  • 11:01- Robert Vaden to the Thunder for cash.  Lakers take Chinemelu Elonu.
  • 11:06- Mr. Irrelevant is Robert Dozier.  Winners: Mark Jackson says Clippers and Magic.  JVG goes with Spurs (I agree).  Bilas says the Wolves.