Trade for Greg Oden

Here's a trade idea that will probably draw some strong reactions:

Kevin Love and the 6th Pick for Greg Oden.

I won't repeat all of the same arguments why I think we need a center, and why Love-Jefferson is not a good recipe for playoff success. But, specifically in the case of Greg Oden, I wonder if this deal could be reached. We would need to add a small salary, like Madsen's or Smith's to make it work. The bigger obstacle would probably be Portland's reluctance to give up on Oden so early. Frankly, I don't think they would. However, it arguably helps both teams.

Minnesota can trot out Jefferson and Oden as a very big, very talented, very complementary tandem of big men. Oden has a ways to go, and his injuries are a red flag to say the least, but I think there's a reasonable chance that in a couple years, Jefferson will be the best offensive big in the league and Oden will be the best defensive big man in the league. That would make quite a pair.

Portland can draft Stephen Curry, who could be a BJ Armstrong to Brandon Roy's Michael Jordan, and add a very valuable 6th Man in Kevin Love, to round out a big man trio of Aldridge, Pryzbilla and Love. Since their team is relatively stacked, right now, and they haven't gotten anything from Oden yet, they might see Curry and Love as a stabilizing move that deepens their talent pool for a slew of playoff runs ahead. I doubt it, but you never know.

I'd be interested to hear from any Portland fans that read this, as to what they'd think of the idea. (I have a feeling I know how the regulars at Canis will feel about trading away Stephen Curry and Kevin Love, but feel free to bash away:))