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Wolves vs. Wizards Recap: They Are Who We Thought They Were

If you really want to watch it again, Denny Green's most famous moment can be found here.

First off, apologies for the delay. I'm having some problems with the old laptop (emphasis on old). But I think I've solved them, so we should be right as rain from here on out.

In the Wolves' first Summer League win Jonny Flynn and Wayne Ellington were finally together in playing like the scouting reports describe them. While the Wizards aren't exactly known for their defense, with the requisite Summer League caveat, Flynn got to the rim take after take after take. At the start of the second half the Wizards seemed to figure out how to adjust to him, but it didn't last and Flynn started getting his teammates more involved in his driving game by adding the dish.

Flynn's leadership qualities were on full display yesterday too. Despite Bobby Brown getting the start, Flynn was the loudest guy on the bench, shouting encouragement at the starters from the get-go. When he got on the court, Jonny took every opportunity to tell the other four guys with him what they should be doing if they weren't doing it. When teammates couldn't hold on to Flynn's low-post lasers, he'd be the first to run up to them and slap them on the backside to keep their heads up.

Lastly, Flynn's defense is better than most Syracuse alums, who often get protected by the zone. While Summer League competition is obviously not the same as what Flynn will see this season, he stayed with bigger guards like Nick Young and Javaris Crittenton rather well.

Ellington, for his part, looked just like the shooter he's billed as. He may have ended 6 for 14, but I think a number of the misses came after Ellington got his jumper going and started going to the hoop. Wayne certainly looks strong enough to be a rotation NBA guy, but opponents just a bit bigger were able to alter his drives enough to make them largely ineffective.

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