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Summer League Game #5 Open Thread

To close out Vegas the Summer Wolves will be taking on Chicago. James Johnson has had a good week running a lot of point forward for the Bulls, he'll be fun to watch.

It's time for Corey Brewer to start showing something. He's been very quiet all week and a strong performance would give him a little positive momentum to carry him the rest of the summer and into the regular season. Jonny Flynn and Wayne Ellington have shown what they can do, so we may not see much of them.

Then again, the Wolves don't seem terribly interested in finding out who else on the summer squad may be worth keeping around. Paul Harris hasn't seen much burn, contrary to expectations. Devin Green has looked like a guy that would help the Wolves' perimeter but he seen the court much either.

Essentially, today's starters look like it's the last day of Summer League. What a coincidence.

Ben Woodside / Paul Harris / Corey  Brewer / Oleksiy Pecherov / Garrett Siler