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Wolves vs. Bulls Recap: Another One in the Books

They didn't close out Summer League with a win, but today's finale definitely had some positives. Jonny Flynn has been absolutely fearless this weekend. Sometimes that means an errant pass or a temporary loss of control, and sometimes it means a windmill dunk or a string of buried jumpers. But on every single drive Flynn is looking for opportunities to get some contact. He may be 6 feet in sneakers, but Flynn will go toe-to-toe with anyone on the court. It paid off in spades as Jonny got to the line 22 times and made 20 free ones. Flynn's defense, however, was spotty at best today. The most memorable play was when DeMarcus Nelson shook Flynn and Flynn appeared to give up the assignment while Nelson threw down hard.

Flynn found Corey Brewer on an alley-oop late in 4th quarter to cap off Brewer's solid offensive game, one which will hopefully give him some momentum to finish his summer training. After an up and down week, Corey drove hard to the hoop, found his jumper and crashed the boards every minute he was out there.

To wrap it up, I want to put a personal plug in to the Wolves to sign Garrett Siler. They could use a another 5 and Siler, despite his huge frame, can run the floor. His rebounding is above average and he can finish very strong. The only question mark is his level of competition. After playing D-II ball at Augustana and this Summer League, Siler really has yet to prove his skills at a truly high level. The Wolves, though, should give him that shot.

Oh and one more thing, Flynn ended the Summer League with a windmill dunk that got the crowd louder than Nelson did. Not bad for a 5'11" kid from Niagra Falls.

That's it for me from Vegas. I've only been here three days, but I've never watched so much basketball and I'm ready for a nap. I'll have to settle for the red-eye flight home tonight. See you in Minnesota.