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Canis on the Radio, episode 1

OK folks, here it is: The first attempt at Hoopus on the Radio.  We recorded about 45 minutes of material and we'll split it up into a few different podcasts.  In this episode Wyn gives a recap of his trip to Vegas to see the Wolves in Summer League action while I breathe heavily into the mic not knowing that there is a mute button.  Stay with us on this one.  We will figure out what in the hell we should be doing in 2-3 more podcasts.  We'll keep 'em short and sweet and we hope to have some guests in the near future.  Remember, it's just a beginning and we currently have no clue how to put these things together.  We are, however, quick learners. Up next is a quick rundown of the recent trade. 

If for some reason the embeddable player doesn't work, you can listen to the podcast on our podbean site by clicking here.