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Week in review/Great off-season performances


Jaguars and Eagles getting along.  Viva the poor school!

It was a busy week in Wolves-ville.  Craig Smith, Mark Madsen and Sebastian Telfair were sent to the Clippers in exchange for Quentin Richardson.  David Kahn went to Spain:



Mad Dog wrote a letterJonny Flynn has a cool YouTube Summer League highlight reel. Hoopus attempted a podcast.  Oh, the Minnesota Lynx continue to be the best professional basketball organization in town

In non-Wolves news, the WNBA gets high marks for diversity. Small forwards are kind of important. NBA salaries in context.  Why you need to know about American Needle.

Finally, I will be out of town from the 1st to the 11th.  It is time once again for our grand loop of middle-America; driving from Omaha to Oklahoma City to Fort Worth to Little Rock to Saint Louis to Kansas City to Ames to visit family, friends and everyone in between.  If any of our readers are feeling frisky when it comes to longer fan posts, that would be the best time to publish them.  Wyn will be around to bump things to the front page. 

Until later.