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Regarding Little Birdies

No doubt that you have seen the Charlie Walters report about Ricky Rubio and two more years in Spain:

The Minnesota Timberwolves' top draft pick, Ricky Rubio, 18, will remain in Spain to play for his DKV Joventut basketball team for the remaining two years of his contract rather than try to move to the NBA this season, El Periodico reported today.

The Barcelona newspaper also says Rubio, who was paid $97,000 last season, plans to withdraw his contract lawsuit against DKV Joventut.

Two things: First of all, Joventut has repeatedly said that they would not negotiate with Rubio when a law suit is hanging over their head.  If anything, this news furthers the dialog between Rubio and his team.  Second, nothing in this report has been said on record.  I know that this is how little birdies operate but we really have nothing new to go on until paperwork is filed or until we receive an official statement from Rubio and/or his agent. 

Folks, I will repeat what I have said numerous times in the comments section: This is a simple math problem.  The buyout needs to be paid back and there are questions over the amount and the duration in which it can be paid out.  That's the issue right now.  How can the Rubios negotiate a lower price or a more favorable payment plan that would allow Ricky to play in the NBA?  That's the issue.  This has nothing to do with Ricky coming over in 2 years and everything to do with the Rubios dropping the suit that was standing in the way of them further negotiating with Joventut.  It baffles me to no end that this simple issue cannot be grasped by local and national media.  Ricky is dealing with his very own domestic situation in Spain.  Imagine Joe Mauer leaving the Twins for the Yanks.  That's part of what is happening in Barcelona with Rubio.

Relax.  It's a fluid situation and there will be more twists and turns.  Ultimately, the Wolves give Rubio a solid place to land and things will work out for the best.  The Wolves hold the leverage here and they simply have to be resolute and patient.



UPDATE: Mac of the MIAC makes an excellent point in the comments:

Given that DKV Joventut is deeply in debt, and given that you wanted to reduce your buyout, what do you think your best strategy is? Easy. Tell them that you are willing to play out the remainder of your contract, ensuring they get $0.

That’s really the only play, and I think it will work to at least reduce it to something palitable. Telling DKV Joventut that you are going to play for the TWolves or Real Madrid only strengthens DKV Joventut’s bargaining power.

Yes, yes and more yes.  This works on two levels.  First of all, Joventut said they wouldn't negotiate with Rubio when he was suing them.  Second, it removes Joventut's ability to collect on their debt. If you combine the two, it really makes you wonder what Joventut must have thought about their chances in court if they were willing to ask Rubio to drop the suit.  It also makes you wonder why folks like the Bird Whisperer can't seem to see the forest through the trees.  Here is a comment we wrote in the same thread:

The speculation is a bit much and there’s no sense in trying to make sense of each step of the dance between Rubio, Joventut and the Wolves because individually, one step could contradict the next. It’s something that will need to be taken as a whole and that requires patience and a preference for seeing the forest instead of the trees. This thing will be judged on two main things: Will Rubio end up in a Wolves uniform and will he be good? That’s it.

Rubio returning to Joventut is the worst possible thing that could happen for a team that sold his buyout to cover for its debt.   Tap us on the shoulder when Rubio is in the NBA, either with the Wolves or another team.  This thing cannot possibly be judged or absorbed until Rubio is in the NBA.