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Great Off-Season Performances: The Dylan Edition




I'm not that big of a fan of Dylan's early surrealism but I do have to say that the man has hit a late-career stride as a wandering Americana minstrel blues song-and-dance man and it's just about impossible not to enjoy.  I dare you to look over the past decade of popular music and find a better album than Love and Theft or a more enjoyable one than Modern Times.  Hell, even his collection of Mexican brothel tunes is worth a good listen.  

This little ditty was recorded post Love and Theft and is included on his latest bootleg series collection.  I hope you enjoy it.

Things will be slow here over the holiday weekend.  I'll check in every now and then to see if there have been any major developments but we will return to our original programming on Monday with a post about the roster and possible rookie free agents (hint: Paul Harris and Lee Cummard) followed by a continuation of our Wayne Ellington post.  

BTW: We kind of got behind with the pre-vacation madness today and were unable to put up a post about the Lynx's latest game, a loss to the lowly Sactown Monarchs.  We'll make it up with a post about the future of the squad sometime next week.  We hope to have much more Lynx content over the summer.

Enjoy the weekend and we'll be back full-time on Monday. 

One more thing: With all of the interest readers of this site have had with Hedo-to-Portland and Rudy Fernandez, my over-the-weekend-fantasy-GM challenge to you is to figure out a deal that lands the Wolves this Portland small forward.  When it comes to the Blazers, it's Batum or Bust. 

UPDATE: Maybe not:

The Oregonian has learned that free agent forward Hedo Turkoglu has rejected an offer to sign with the Trail Blazers and has ended negotiations with the team.

He will leave town tomorrow morning.

Have the Blazers been Penn Slapped by Hedo? We shall see.