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Q-Rich trade possibilties

I don't have much in the way of suggestions but I thought it would be helpful to those of our readers who do to put up a list of modest to decent sized trade exceptions from around the league in anticipation of a possible Richardson trade later this week (the really good ones are highlighted...below the fold):


  • $1.2 mil for Jared Dudley, expires 12/10/09


  • $1.9 mil for Andres Nocioni, expires 2/19/10
  • $1.9 mil for Thabo Sefolosha, expires 2/19/10


  • $2.1 mil for Chucky Atkins, expires 1/7/10
  • $9.7 mil for Allen Iverson, expires 11/3/09


  • $2.3 for Steve Francis, expires 12/23/09
  • $1.4 for Rafer Alston, expires 2/19/10


  • $2.5 for Chris Mihm, expires 2/9/10


  • $4.2 for Marcus Banks, expires 2/13/09

New Jersey:

  • $3.7 for Vince Carter, expires July 10


  • $6.8 mil for Hedo, expires July 10

I think that about does it.  If you see any errors or omissions, please point them out in the comments.  Just remember, if Q is moved, he can't be moved in combination with another player from the Wolves.  For instance, Q to Denver for the trade exception followed by a sign and trade with Memphis for Rudy Gay in return for, say, Pekovic + the Denver draft pick works while including Corey Brewer in the deal does not.