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The Offseason: Wrap It Up

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Contrary to what the title might suggest, this isn't an offseason wrap-up. It's actually a preview to the end of the Wolves' offseason. Confusing? Well, consider the blurb Sid Hartman had at the Star Tribune (thanks to Sonia at TWolves Blog):

"Now that I'm back, what will [sic] be doing over the next few days is try to assemble or finish the roster," [David] Kahn said. "There is still a lot of very fine players [sic] out there that are free agents, and now we want to address some of our needs, now that the [Ricky] Rubio situation has resolved itself, at least for the next couple years. I think that there will be several moves. I wouldn't call them major moves, but I think that we still have some things to address on the roster in advance of training camp."

While the "Rubio situation has resolved itself" may be a polite way of saying it, the fact remains that there are loose ends for Kahn and Kurt Rambis (you've all already ordered your shirts, right? RIGHT??) to tie up before training camp starts on September 28. Despite poor grammar and sentence construction.

  1. Ramon Sessions. Milwaukee has until Friday to match the Wolves' offer to Sessions (Marc Stein had the details first) and all signs point to them letting him come to Minnesota. There's valid debate about his effect on Jonny Flynn and Rubio, but it's an undeniably high-value signing. If it turns out the 6'3" 3rd-year guard can play the 2 spot, all the better.
  2. Chucky Atkins. Old Stickem's contract is partially guaranteed ($760k to be precise) and could give Glen Taylor some financial relief after opening his purse for Sessions and Ryan Hollins. Alternatively, it could be very attractive to a luxury tax team in a trade. As far as I know, his contract isn't guaranteed until January 10, when all contracts become guaranteed so there's no rush. Atkins' value as a contract, though, is inarguably higher than his value as a player.
  3. Bobby Brown. With Flynn and Sessions on board, it seems that a veteran point guard in the hole would be a better option than Brown (in the Kevin Ollie vein). I've read quotes from Kahn indicating that there is some interest in Brown around the league, and that his agent has been in touch with the Wolves (but of course I can't find the links right now). That could mean a trade is in the works and given Brown's minimum salary the Wolves wouldn't have to take a contract in return. It may end up being an insignificant transaction, but Brown's roster spot would be better used on someone else.
  4. Mark Blount. The Wolves can't seriously be considering keeping Blount on the roster, can they? With Al Jefferson and Hollins ahead of him on the depth chart, there isn't a good opportunity for the man's contract year (which, incidentally, tends to be the type of season that Blount plays best in). The only reason to keep him is as an expiring contract for trade at the deadline. Again, his roster spot might be better spent elsewhere.
  5. Rodney Carney. The perimeter rotation already includes Ryan Gomes, Corey Brewer and new arrivals Wayne Ellington and Damien Wilkins, but Kahn has expressed an interest in re-signing Carney (again, can't find the links), which certainly seems a possibility considering the lack of interest Carney's drawing elsewhere. Hot Rod grew into a bit of a fan favorite last year with his 3-point surges and electrifying dunks and with the win total likely to be low this year, fans could use a little of his brand of excitement.
  6. Other Free Agents. As Kahn mentioned in the above quote, there are some good players out there still looking for contracts. If the Wolves are in asset-gathering mode there are a couple of low risk/medium reward players still on the market. The depth chart might be getting a bit crowded, but the Sessions and Hollins signings show that Kahn pays attention to and knows how to work the market.
  7. Trades. Kahn has shown that he's interested in building his team and thus has little loyalty to McHale's bunch. It's not to say that Ryan Gomes and Corey Brewer have targets on their backs, but if Kahn can get something more appealing to him in return he wouldn't hesitate to move either one. Then there are the Brian Cardinals and Damien Wilkins' of the roster. It's most likely that they'll merely provide some minutes this year and cap relief next summer, but if any team decides to fire-sale young up-and-comers in exchange for financial relief, the Wolves are ready to accommodate them with expiring contracts and draft picks immediately.

Anyone want to offer an over/under on any scenario? Anything I've missed?