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Houston Postgame Open Thread (Talk amongst yourselves)

As Stop-n-Pop mentioned earlier this week he and Ms. -n-Pop are expecting their 3rd child this weekend, so we'll just have to make due until next Wednesday without him.

Because I realized long ago that his game analysis is far superior than mine, I won't try to fill in by doing recaps. Instead, I'll open the floor to all community members after posing a few potential topics of discussion (inspired largely by last night's epic GameThread).

  1. Kevin Love's playing time. Is 31 minutes enough in a triple-overtime game? Was Love a bad matchup with the Rockets? Were the Wolves' other 4s just playing better?
  2. Wayne Ellington's strong play. Is Wayne making the most of extended minutes? Or is he playing his way into a bigger part of the rotation? Are you worried that Wayne's taking minutes from Pavlovic (har har har)?
  3. Aaron Brooks is an excellent scorer, but was his career high due to the Wolves' defense, extra minutes or of his own accord? Has Jonny Flynn's defense improved or degraded as the season's gone on?
Discuss (other topics welcome).