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GameThread #42: vs. 76ers

There are two days every NBA season that I aim to take off from work (well, when I've got a job): the trade deadline and Martin Luther King's birthday. Games today started at noon and won't be over until midnight. I even moved my desktop Mac into the den so I wouldn't have to sacrifice TV OR Internet (somebody needs a laptop). Maybe I'm missing the point of the holiday, but at least I know Columbus didn't discover America and that that abomination of a holiday should bear any ire directed at us lazy MLKers... or something like that.

Enough with the justification. Today's Wolves game is at 2:30 and will be broadcast on League Pass. But fear not! League Pass is FREE today! Get it while you can friends.

As for the actual game, today is yet another opportunity for Wolves fans to look at some potential swingmen that could make their perimeter rotation tolerable. Andre Iguodala and Thaddeus Young both fit the bill in one way or another. With the Sixers' woeful finances (Elton Brand's contract ain't making their lives easier) it's not as unreasonable as it used to be to imagine them parting with Iguodala.

Ryan Hollins still sounds like he's recovering from strep throat, but his absence hasn't made any glaring impact on the team's performance.

Visit Jordan over at Liberty Ballers. He's a good man.