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Post-Game Open Thread; We Won!

Maybe it was in honor of an important figure in American History, maybe it was the fact that Philly whiffed at every chance the Wolves gave them to win the game. Some things for us to consider:

  1. Jonny Flynn: aberration or beginning of an upward trend in his performance?
  2. No Love: Did Love's absence contribute in any way to the team's performance? Or is it just coincidental?
  3. Damien Wilkins: Great Timberwolf or Greatest Timberwolf?
  4. Ramon Sessions: Only 10 minutes yesterday, since Flynn was playing so well. But if Iverson and Lou Williams are playing together, what better opportunity is there for a Flynn/Sessions backcourt? Does Ramon's 1 rebound, 1 steal, 1 turnover line indicate he simply cannot perform with so few minutes?
  5. Any change in opinion about acquiring Andre Iguodala or Thaddeus Young after watching them yesterday?
  6. Ryan Hollins: 5 fouls, 2 turnovers, 1 block in under 7 minutes.

A win is a win and with a record like 9-33 each win is a huge moral victory. But for some reason, yesterday's win didn't feel as uplifting as the previous 8. I've never been the fan who writes-off their team when they're horrible, but, if the GameThreads are any indication, optimism is in short supply for many of us.

Are you consumed by the Nothing or riding Falkor?