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GameThread #47: @ Cleveland

The Wolves' road trip comes to an end tonight against the Cleveland LeBrons. After a 33 point loss in Milwaukee and a 27 point loss in New York, it's not exactly a situation warranting optimism.

While Corey Brewer's been playing the best ball of his life, Jonny Flynn continues to score erratically and over-dribble constantly, Kevin Love's getting the kind of minutes McHale gave him (although he may still be recovering from illness) and the biggest story about the team right now is whether or not our best player is being dangled in trade discussions.

The good news is that both Mo Williams and Delonte West are out for the Cavs. Unfortunately, Shaquille O'Neal, JJ Hickson and Anderson Varejao are all still playing and the Wolves haven't been able to protect the paint for quite a while.

To end on a high note, I've got some great news about Hoopus Night that I'll release by the end of the week. It's no iPad, but I have a feeling people will like it.

Fear the Sword gets to blog about LeBron James, which is probably harder than it sounds.