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GameThread #36: vs. Golden State

Remember that whole "worst loss in franchise history" thing from earlier this season? That was against the Golden State Nellies and tonight is the Wolves' chance at revenge.

The good news for Minnesota is that neither team is the same as they were then. Gone from the Warriors' roster are Stephen Jackson, Mikki Moore and Acie Law, while Kelenna Azubuike (who dropped 31 points is the aforementioned loss) is out for the rest of the season. Last night Golden State was up by 1 on Denver when JR Smith was fouled from 3-point land with 0.4 seconds left on the clock. Smith sank the first

The Wolves, of course, now have Kevin Love on their side. After 17 games Love leads the team in rebounding, free throw attempts and 3-pt %, is 2nd in minutes, points and steals, 3rd in assists. Whether he and Al Jefferson are eventually pitted in a Hoopus Death Match or not, Love has been a huge contributor since his return (2nd on the team with 2.1 Win Shares, behind Jefferson's 2.2).

As a parting shot, guess who had the best night of his season in the 41-point drubbing Nellie leveled on the Wolves? Sasha. Pavlovic.

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