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No Korean Recipes Here

It wasn't quite a Korean Recipe Game, but with the Wolves/Indy game being unavailable on any sort of TV or illegal stream, I turned on League Pass Audio while the family and I cooked some bulgogi and then finished things off with a carrot cake.  

The only thing I can say for sure about the game is that Indiana has some sort of miracle hospital that can cure kids with tumors wrapped around their hearts and that Indy's color analyst really wishes that things would just stay the same.  Also, the entire Indianapolis media market is run by Kroger's and if you want good wings and ribs, you just have to hurry your ass on down to Conseco Field House to get your grub on.  

Taking a quick peak at the box score it is pretty obvious why the Wolves lost.  They were outrebounded, outshot, and out free throwed.  63-48.  That was the damage on the boards.  The Wolves lost the Oreb% battle 17.2 to 21.3.  The free throw rate was lost 19.1 to 31.6.  22-72.  That's what the Wolves shot from inside the arc.  Good luck with that.  

If anyone out there was able to see the game in their mind's eye, drop a line in the comments.  Otherwise, we'll just have to wait until the Syracuse Bowl on Friday.