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Game Thread #1: Can You Feel It?

What a day. First game of the year and Surly Darkness shows up at my local liquor store.

This game has the potential to kick start the year on an I-told-you-so note for both sides of the DMC debate. I urge people to think of things on a bit longer scale of performance and to realize that...well, it's just a single game. I'm not telling you to take a stand in the meaningless middle ("The candidate on my left likes Coke, the candidate on my right likes Pepsi. I think we should mix the two together for the best drink ever!"); rather, let's just avoid the knee-jerk reaction to a single game altogether.

As for Our Beloved Puppies, let's look to see if they can continue their preseason trend of shooting the hell out of the 3 and not turning the ball over. It will be interesting to see if Darko can provide a 30+ mpg defensive presence in the paint. It will be curious to find out who gets the ball in the 1/2 court setting if the game slows down. Will Mike Beasley settle for long range jumpers or will he take the damn ball to the rack? Will the Wolves take advantage of a game without the opposing team's best player? Will Love tear them apart?

The answers to all of these questions and more, tonight at 7. Our sister blog for the evening is the always excellent Ziller-led Sactown Royalty. We will likely be visited by some of our longtime SacTown loyalists. Be excellent to one another. If you can still make it to your local liquor establishment, there might be some Darkness left in the cooler. I can assure you that doing so will improve your evening.

Go Wolves!

PS: Don't forget that you can try out League Pass Broadband for free this weekend. I highly suggest trying this out as it is a good way to find out whether or not you are in or out of market...or if you have a good VPN.


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