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Combo Platter

A few things.  

First, we are very happy to announce that Oceanary is now an official columnist on the site.  He first joined us back in 2009 and he has done a fantastic job.  One of the things that we wanted to do with this site is find some younger sportswriters who wanted to develop their skills in a forum that was large enough to have a good readership but still small enough to grow into whatever type of writer they wanted to become.  He's a budding JA Adande and we're very happy to have him here.  We also hope to start offering some new opportunities for budding young sports journalists on this site and we (hopefully) will have more on this in the very near future. 

Second, if you take a look-see down the left hand sidebar, you will see a few new ads.  We are not being paid for these bad boys.  Basketball Prospectus, FreeDarko, and Surly are all Hoopus favorites and we hope you will give them a read/click/sip.  We do have ads on this site, but I think it is important to give a shout-out to the folks/stuff we like without the expectation of anything in return.  Plus, I have a small article in BP and I'm kind of partial to Pelton's whole operation. 

Finally, We have added a few new sites in the links section. My favorite is the awesomely awesome advanced stats calculator from Pick-and-Scroll. Be sure to check it out.