Thoughts on our First Pre-Season Game

I just watched the game on my DVR, and I thought I would weigh in with a few of my thoughts.

  1. We sure don't run that much for a "running" team
  2. I like Beasley better with the Predator Haircut.
  3. Wesley can shoot, but what else can he do?
  4. 2009-2011 Pg rankings: Sessions > Ridnour > Ellington > Flynn
  5. This might be the end of the Corey Brewer experience. Not much that he does for us that Wesley and Martell can't do.
  6. Love + 34 mpg +.400 team win% = All Star Game
  7. I find it ironic that a person who is the definition of not fun to cheer for (Kahn) has assembled a team of guys who will be very fun to cheer for.
  8. Pekovic will be a better rebounder then his euro numbers suggest.
  9. After watching Pekovic, Darko, and seems obvious that Kahn's best move of the off-season was banishing Ryan Hollins.
  10. So this is what it's like to have an above average jump shooting team.
  11. Wesley Johnson needs a nickname. Please God don't let it be WJ.
  12. I vote for W-Joh, so bad it's good.
  13. After one game, who does Beasley have to pass in order to become the best wing in T-wolves history?
  14. Our team seems pretty deep. The odds of Rambis using a Tubby like rotation (everyone averaging between 16-24 minutes) seems high.
  15. I would be more excited about this victory if I hadn't witnessed Randy Wittman go like 6-2 during the 2008/09 pre-season.

Bring on the Knicks!