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Maya Moore Day

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Many of you think today is simply election day.  Others think it is the day where Anthony Tolliver gets to compare video production notes with LeBron James.  Wrong and wrong.  It's Maya Moore Day.  

This afternoon the WNBA will hold a conference call that determines the draft order for the 2011 Draft, otherwise known as the Maya Moore Sweepstakes. The Lynx have 4 of the top 14 picks in the draft and they have a fairly decent chance of landing the best college player to come around since Diana Taurasi

Team                         1st        2nd      3rd       4th

--------------------                  -----        -----        -----        -----

Tulsa                         44.20   31.55  18.10   6.15

Minnesota                  27.60  31.04   26.98  14.38

Chicago                     17.80   22.95   31.73  27.51

Minnesota (via Con.)   10.40  14.45   23.19   51.96


Below the fold are a few draft related notes from the team.  PS: Don't forget to vote (election day) and don't forget to boo (LeBron day).  

* The Lynx have selected first, once (2006 - Seimone Augustus); second, once (2010 - Monica Wright); third, once (2008 - Candice Wiggins); fourth, twice (2009 - Renee Montgomery; 2007 - Noelle Quinn) and have acquired the number one pick via a draft-day trade once (2007 - Lindsey Harding).

* In the 10 years of the current Draft Lottery system, the team with the best odds has won the top overall pick just three times (Atlanta in 2009; Los Angeles in 2008; Phoenix in 2004).

* The Lynx' own pick, courtesy of their 2010 regular season record, is slotted second overall. Minnesota's second first-round pick, acquired in a 2010 trade with Connecticut, is slotted fourth overall. Minnesota won the 2010 WNBA Draft Lottery from the second position one year ago, as did Cleveland in 2003. The team slotted fourth overall has won the Draft Lottery once, when Charlotte moved up three slots in 2005.

* This year marks Minnesota's sixth appearance in the 10-year history of the WNBA Draft Lottery. The Lynx have now appeared in six straight lotteries, after not participating in the first four.