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Game Thread San Antonio: Darkbiscuit


Can the big fella keep it up? Will Wir Sind Darko turn into this season's box office smash? Will the story of a teenage Serbian giant of whom much is expected before falling on hard times, doubting self, tearing his jersey, being offered a 2nd chance mere moments before he was going to head back home in shame, and who ultimately shows flashes of redeeming the promise that many saw in him in the first place actually be worth seeing, or will it be just another s&*tty sequel? Is it Manna From Heaven or Good Luck? Methinks Small Sample Size Theater will soon make way for long-view trends and we will finally find out who is the schmuck after all.

No recipes tonight. Thanksgiving dinner must be prepared. Make sure to brine your birds, get good beer, and prep your gravies, sauces, and stuffings before going to bead.

Our blogging partners for the evening are over at Pounding The Rock. Be excellent to one another.