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Rascal Flats Does The Dirty Work

Because some comments deserve a post of their own:

You gotta love it. By using ESPN’s play by play and the LP archive of the game, I just tortured myself going through every one of Dorell Wright’s 3-point makes and what sequence of events led to him getting an open look. Here it goes:

First Quarter
11:18: Beasley leaves D.W. in the weakside corner to help out Love on an interior feed to Biedrens. It was the right play since Darko got caught up in the pick and roll on the guard and Biedrens was wide open underneath the hoop. Beasley deflected the pass, but it ended up back in the hands of Biedrens. By then Darko had recovered, but Beasley hung around the paint anyway. Biedrens kicked the ball back to Monta Ellis who in turn slung it to a wide open D.W. in the corner. Swish.

7:48: Lee and Ellis run a high pick and roll with Wes and Love guarding. Wes goes over the top of the screen and is caught up behind Ellis. Love cuts off Ellis’ driving lane while Lee pops open for a 22 foot 2-point attempt. Ellis slings it to an open Lee with Wes not switching back and still chasing Ellis. Beasley leaves D.W. and rotates over to contest Lee, who in turn swings it to a wide open D.W…..Swish.

5:41: Biedrens and Ellis run a high pick and roll with D.W. set-up outside the arc on the opposite side. Darko and Wes guard the PnR just fine, yet Beasley sagged all the way into the paint anyway, leaving D.W. wide open. Ellis spots him. Swish.

3rd Quarter
9:00: D.W. makes an entry pass into Gadzuric from the top of the key. Beasley doubles down even though Love was on Gads and forced him baseline underneath the basket. With multiple Wolves, including Beasley, collapsing on the Great Gadzby, he makes the easy pass to Biedrens, who in turn kicks it out one more notch to a wide open D.W. Swish.

7:16: D.W. makes a post entry pass to Lee, then cuts baseline with Beasley behind him. As D.W. continues to run over to the weakside corner, Beasley stops chasing and instead doubles an already well covered Lee….No, he doesn’t even double. He just stands underneath the hoop indecisively. Lee kicks it out to Monta Ellis who in turn swings it over to D.W……Swish.

6:33: Wolves turnover. Golden State had numbers on the break. D.W. goes to his favorite corner. Swish.

4:22: Curry and Lee run a high pick and roll. Telfair goes over the top of the screen and Curry penetrates with Love doing a good job cutting him off. Telfair switches onto Lee with Darko sagging off Gads ready to help cutoff Curry as well. Beasley once again sags down toward Curry, leaving D.W. open. Curry kicks it over to Gads who in turn swings it over to D.W. Swish.

3:45: Monta and D.W. run a high pick and roll. Corey goes over the top of the screen while Wes picks up Monta. Ellis is able to turn the corner anyway. Now here is the fun part. Even though Wes is giving chase to Monta, fully committed to the switch, Brewer is literally chasing behind Wes (who in turn is behind Monta, but at least he’s closer!). Since Brewer never switched onto D.W., he’s left wide open after just hitting 4 3-pointers in the span of the past 6 minutes. Monta at first kicks it to Biedrens, who in turn makes the easy pass to D.W. Swish.

4th Quarter
3:33: Lee and Ellis run high pick and roll. Brewer goes over the top of the screen giving chase to Ellis, but once again Love and Darko do a decent job of cutting off Ellis’s penetration. Beasley sags off D.W. anyway (sigh). Ellis makes a pass to Gads who in turn swings it over to D.W. for the dagger. Swish.

The upshot of all this is that most of D.W.’s open looks could have been easily prevented had Michael Beasley realized that he was facing a deadly 3-point shooter that had to be guarded. This is one where you gladly accept the open David Lee 2-pointer or the Dan Gadzuric one-on-one post move and f$$&*#g faceguard the dude. Rarely did Beasley provide help where help was truly needed.