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Game Thread #5: Florida Two Step

I'm pretty sure this is about as hard of a back-to-back that can happen in the NBA: Road games against the Heat and Magic.

Keys to tonight's game:

  • Keep your hands up. Head shots hurt and concussions are dangerous.
  • If you are thrown to the ground, do your best to keep your wits about you. Concentrate on a single point at standing eye level and work your way back up the ladder to that point.
  • Maintain balance.
  • Do not be afraid to throw in the towel early on. If you are only going to play Kevin Love 24 minutes, you may as well pull him after the first 24 minutes. This way, he won't be tired in late March while playing for the Atlanta Hawks.
  • Do not call anyone a cancer patient. This is bad and it makes people angry. However, feel free to avoid feigned outrage when opposing players routinely drop "bi$&h" and "fa$$*t" (or other assorted homophobic and sexist comments) on a nightly basis and within easy listening range of anyone sitting within 20 feet of the court. This area includes the media space where Adrian Wojnarowski sits.

OK, now that I have that off my chest, our blogging partners for the night are over at Orlando Pinstriped Post. Be excellent to one another and remember: not in the face .