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Wolves Updates 11/5

Wolves host Hawks tonight, Beasley a game-time decision, Flynn on missing playing time and more


From the Timberwolves site: Jonah Ballow caught up with Michael Beasley at practice on Thursday afternoon to get an injury update. Beasley is recovering from a left hip contusion but is still day-to-day heading into Friday's game against Atlanta. (VIDEO)


Preview of tonight's game against the Hawks:

Star Tribune


From Ray Richardson/Pioneer Press:

Wolves forward Michael Beasley participated in all phases of Thursday's practice after missing Wednesday's game in Orlando with a left hip bruise. Beasley was injured in the second quarter of Tuesday night's game in Miami after falling hard to the floor.

Rambis said Beasley's status for tonight's game would be a game-time decision. Beasley is the Wolves' second-leading scorer (13.8) and ranks third in rebounding (6.0).


From Jerry Zgoda/Star Tribune:

"I just can't make a shot," said Milicic, a career 45.7 percent shooter until this season. "All those shots are my shots. I just can't finish. I got to do something. I got to change this."

Wolves coach Kurt Rambis pushed Milicic throughout the preseason to expand his offensive game, saying, "It's still in my mind only the tip of the iceberg for him. I need more. Whatever he's given me, I'm still going to ask for more."

He said Wednesday that Milicic looks "not secure, not comfortable" in where he's getting the ball and his shots in the offense. He said Milicic must be aggressive until he finds that comfort zone.

"Some of it is confidence," Rambis said. "Some of it is technique.


From Luke Byrnes/Hoopsworld:

"I think guys are really starting to find their own in the flow of what we do here in Minnesota," second-year point guard Jonny Flynn told HOOPSWORLD.  "I think it is a complex offense, a complex system, to get the hang of, but it just takes a while.  From training camp to now, there has been enough time to where guys are starting to know where they can be effective and be able to make plays and make other players better as well as find their own shots."

For Flynn, the challenge has been trying to find a way to stay connected with the team that was supposed to become his after Minnesota made him the sixth overall pick in the 2009 NBA Draft.  The former Syracuse star had surgery, in July, to repair a torn labrum in his left hip and is expected to return to action in three weeks.

"It is tough," Flynn said of missing time.  "You see people playing the game you love and you can't go out there, against your will.  It is not my choice not to go out there, it is the man above's choice not to go out there.  It is definitely tough seeing guys out there playing when you know you are supposed to be out there playing when you know you're supposed to be out the with them.  We have a good locker room, we have great coaches that keep me involved, so I feel like part of this team even though I'm not playing.



From Alex Kennedy/Hoopsworld:

Jonny Flynn is making progress after undergoing surgery for a torn labral in his left hip. The point guard is participating in full-contact practices and the team is shooting for him to return in three weeks, according to sources.

Flynn's surgery required extensive rehab and he's been gradually increasing his physical activity in recent weeks. The second-year player is fortunate he needed just one surgery because occasionally his ailment affects both hips and requires two separate surgeries and rehabilitation periods, similar to what Milwaukee Bucks' rookie Darington Hobson is currently going through.

Once he returns to action, Flynn is expected to be as explosive and athletic as ever.


From Evan Dunlap/SBNation Basketball: Holding Court: Kevin Love And Five Other Youngsters Who Deserve Your Attention


From Casey Mack/Dime Magazine: Top 5 NBA Players Who Deserve More Burn

KEVIN LOVE, Wolves — Much has been made about Kevin’s relationship with Minnesota coach Kurt Rambis. Rambis benched Love during crunch time of the Timberwolves’ season opener, which lead to Love leaving the locker room that night without speaking to the media. Love says the incident was blown way out of proportion, but with Love posting a double-double (16.8 ppg and 10.8 rpg) and only receiving 26.4 minutes a night, something doesn’t add up to me.