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Wolves Updates 11/6

Wolves lose to the Hawks, Rambis says no timetable on Flynn's return and more


Recaps of tonight's loss to the Hawks:

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Jim Beilby/ Hawks-Timberwolves notebook

Jonah Ballow/Timberwolves site: Atlanta 113 (6-0) Wolves 103 (1-5) - Target Center

Kent Youngblood/Star Tribune: In keeping this one close, Wolves show progress

Ray Richardson/Pioneer Press: Hawks 113, Timberwolves 103: Defense falters, and Minnesota loses fourth straight



From Ray Richardson/Pioneer Press:

Rambis had no timetable for Flynn's return despite his belief that Flynn is getting "closer every day" to returning to the lineup. Webster, who underwent surgery on Oct. 27 to remove part of a herniated disk, is expected to be out at least another month.

Flynn has been trying to get into shape since undergoing surgery on July 27 to repair a torn labral in his left hip. He went through a full practice Thursday, but Rambis said he was "very stiff and sore" during the team's shootaround practice Friday morning.

"That lets me know that he still has a ways to go," Rambis said. "We'll still have to keep monitoring him. If he responds well, then we'll push him some more."

Rambis said the soreness Flynn experienced Friday morning was unrelated to the hip surgery.



From Kent Youngblood/Star Tribune:

Here is another theory for Darko Milicic's recent shooting woes: fatigue.

The Wolves center has noticed he has been getting very winded very early in recent games, and it has him puzzled.

"It's funny, but I catch myself the last few games breathing hard, and after just a few minutes," said Milicic, who failed to make a field goal in three of the Wolves' first five games this season. "I don't know why, because I was in great shape before training camp. ... When you're breathing hard, not in the shape you want to be, those shots can be short."

Milicic conceded emotions or nerves might be contributing to the situation. He said he thinks his mechanics are sound, though Rambis said there were a few minor things that needed work. The coach also said he had noticed Milicic looking fatigued at times, adding, "We're looking into areas as to why."


From Alex Kennedy/Hoopsworld:

However, sources close to the situation insist that Minnesota never really expected to receive compensation from Portland but decided there was nothing to lose by filing the investigation. With Webster injured, the Wolves figured it was worth a shot and filed the request in an attempt to gain an edge. They had to try, right?

With every team looking for an advantage, it's not uncommon for teams to file requests or investigations to the league that get thrown out. Many don't make their way to the press, but teams are always trying to find a loophole or opportunity to receive compensation.

While the Timberwolves took some heat for their strange request, who would have had the last laugh had they been awarded one of Portland's draft picks? In this league, teams must pull out all of the stops in order to get a competitive advantage.