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Up, Down, and All Around

I'm still not sure how to write about this squad.  What is there to say about a team that puts up historically bad numbers through its first 10 games only to pull it together and perform at merely terrible rates over the next few contests?  Kevin Love goes for 31/31 but he also put up a 0 point 7 rebound stinker against the defending champs (and one of the worst games by a top flight player I have ever seen).  

On a larger and more philosophical level, the Wolves are one of the most likable groups of players in the entire league and yet they are helmed by one of the most unlikable GM/POBOs in all of professional sports.  They have one of the best marketing/on-line teams in the league, yet their efforts are marred by sometimes questionable on-court performances by the team.  They have one of the most entertaining and informative TV crews in the league (trust me, as a League Pass junkie I will vouch for this until the end of days--Hanny and J-Pete are the business), yet their most entertaining games are not broadcast to a local audience.....wash, rinse, repeat.  

Is a professional basketball team really dependent on Darko Milicic?  Is Wes Johnson really just another Corey Brewer? Is Mike Beasley simply replacing the lost production of Al Jefferson?  Does Kurt Rambis know what he's doing?  Will Glen Taylor please promote Tony Ronzone as quickly as possible?  

Whatever the case and whatever the question, this year's squad has been strangely captivating while being predictably bad.  It is filled with wonderful individual stories and typical team results.  Anthony Tolliver and Mike Beasley have made following Wolves players on Twitter worthwhile (Can we please get the team to make Jonny Flynn stop Tweeting in exchange for Love to restart?) Jonah Ballow's on-line productions have been fantastic.  Yet...well, again--I have no idea how to write about this team right now.  I want to believe, but I also do not want to have Lucy yank the football away once again.  

Pulling a card from the G'N'R deck, where do we go now, where do we go?