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Game Thread: It's On Like Donkey Kong Edition

OK folks. This is a biggie. We all kind of have a feeling that the Wolves have climbed their way past the Clevelands and Detroits of the league and are in a group with the Warriors, Kings, Wizards, and Clippers. They haven't been getting killed by mid-level teams and they've even made a show of it against some upper level squads. They also haven't had what we would call a "good win" (they have had four "bad losses").

Tonight is a perfect night for their first good win of the season. This is a game that is not on the must-win list for 30 victories. This is against a superior team on the road. That being said, it's only their 40th or so toughest game on the schedule in terms of SRS differential and it is against an opponent that is somewhat reeling and missing their best (albeit hugely injured) player. A win tonight would be about as big of a statement game a 6-win squad could hope to make. It is also against a division rival and a team that must be passed in the very near future if the Wolves hope to make something of themselves.

Our blogging buddies for the evening are over at the always-excellent Blazersedge. Be excellent to one another.